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The Department of Computer Science was established in the academic year 2001-2002 with Mathematics and physics as part of Restructured course in english medium. B.Com computers has introduced in English Medium in June 2007. It was functioning together with the Departments of Physics, Mathematics & commerce. The Department of Computer Science with its cohesive team of faculty members, offers a sound program at the UG. The curriculum is a blend of the conventional and the radical. The department serves the growing demands and the changing trends of the software industry.Core courses include Programming Languages, DBMS.


To be a Centre of Excellence that produces high quality and disciplined computing professionals. They should be globally recognized as innovative professionals and should be able to perform high impact research to cater to the needs of the society following the traditions and human values

  • Imparting quality education in both theoretical and practice in the discipline of computing
  • Providing experienced professionals from both industry and academia.
  • Conducting add-on courses relevant to thrust areas as well as overall development of human being
  •  Encouraging students to take up co and extra-curricular activities with substantial involvement into societal and environmental concerns

Combinations at undergraduate level:

Combination Sanctioned Strength
B.Sc.(Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science)    Restructured 30
B.Com(Computer Applications)    Restructured 60

Teaching Staff:

Sl.NO. NAME DESIGNATION & Subject Qualification  Profile 
1 Sri.Ch. Prasad Lecturer in Computer Science M.Tech., AP-SET, (PhD)
2 Sri. Ravindra Kondamudi Lecturer in Computer Science M.Tech.,NET, (PhD)


The department of Computer Science is following the common core syllabus in vogue in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This department strictly follows the curriculum designed by the affiliating university Viz. Acharya Nagarjuna University.

B.Sc(Computer Science Syllabus)   Restructured:
Sl.No. Programme Semester Paper Title of the Course Syllabus Previous Question Papers
1 1st B.Sc. I I Computer Fundamentals and Photoshop
Photo Shop Lab
2 II II Programming in C
Programming in C Lab
3 2nd B.Sc. III III Object Oriented Programming Using Java
Object Oriented Programming Using Java Lab
4 IV IV Data Structures
Data Structures using Java Lab
5 3rd B.Sc. V V DBMS
6 V VI Software Engineering
Software Engineering Lab
Electives: (any one)
7 3rd B.Sc. VI VII A. Operating Systems
B. Computer Networks
C. Web Technologies
Lab for Elective –I
Cluster Electives
10 3rd B.Sc.(CS) VI VIII-A 1.Foundations of Data Science
11 VIII-A 2.Big Data Technology
11 VIII-A 3.Computing for Data Analytics
12 VIII-A Project work
10 3rd B.Sc. VI VIII-B 1. Distributed Systems
11 VIII-B 2. Cloud Computing
11 VIII-B 3. Grid computing
12 VIII-B Project work
B.Com (Compute Applications)  Restructured:
Sl.No. Programme Semester     Paper    Title of the Course Syllabus Previous Question Papers
1 1st B.Com.(CA) I DSC-1A Accounting -I
I DSC-2A Business Organization & Management
I DSC-3A Computer Fundamentals and Photoshop
4 II DSC-1B Accounting -II
I DSC-2B Business Economics
I DSC-3B Enterprise Resource Planning
7 2st B.Com. III DSC-1C Corporate Accounting
8 DSC-2C Business Statistics
9 DSC-3C Office Automation
10 IV DSC-1D Banking Theory AND Practice
11 DSC-2D Business Law
12 DSC-3D Business Analytics
13 3rd B.Com. V SBC-E Business Leadership
24 DSC-1E Cost Accounting
14 DSC-2E Taxation
15 DSC-3E Commercial Geography
16 DSC-1F Programming in C
15 DSC-2F Database Management Systems
15 DSC-3F Web Technology
19 3rd B.Com. VI SBC G Tally
24 DSC-1G Marketing
20 DSC-2G Auditing
21 DSC-3G Management Accounting
23 DSC-1H Tally
24 DSC-2H e-Commerce
24 DSC-2H PHP & My-SQL

Best Practices:

  • ICT based Teaching  - Virtual Classes , MANA TV Classes
  • Study Projects
  • Workshops
  • Seminars

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