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The Department of Hindi was established in the academic year 1984-85 in B.A, B.Com Courses as second language. The department is conducting assignments and unit tests to assess the progress of the students. The department is supplying study materials for the better understanding of the subject. The department encourages as well as gives guidance to the students to build up their career.


To see that all the students, especially from the weaker sections of the society and with rural background are empowered with hard and soft skills and with secular and human values that contribute for bettering the prospect of students career.

Teaching Staff:

Sl.NO. NAME DESIGNATION & Subject Qualification  Profile 
1 Dr. V. MOHANA RAO Principal M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
2 Sri. M V Satyanarayana Lecture in Hindi M.A., PGDTS, SLET

Curriculum Aspects:

The Department of Hindi is following the common core syllabus in the state of A.P. The first Year degree syllabus was revised in the academic year 2015-2016. The second year syllabus was revised in the academic year 2016-2017. This department strictly follows the curricullm designed by the affiliating university i.e., Acharya Nagarjuna University. The faculty member prepares and submit annual academic plan to the principal at the beginning of every academic year to ensure proper implementation of the curriculum. The faculty maintain records like teaching notes, teaching dairy, which will be counter signed by the principal at the end of every month. This ensures monitoring the progress of the activities of the department. Feedback mechanism from the students as the


The department of Hindi is following the common core syllabus in vogue in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This department strictly follows the curriculum designed by the affiliating university Viz. Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Teaching-Learning and evaluation:

The primary teaching methods of the faculty member is traditional system of using the blackboard. Whenever necessary the traditional approach is supplemented by the use of ICT, virtual and video lessons. The faculty prepared question banks for each topic and same will be given to the students.
Bridge classes are conducted for first year students to make them comfortable with the curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in classroom seminars. After completion of 2 lessons, we conduct a test for assessment of student’s academic progress.

The learning resources of the department:

The departmental library consists of nearly 30 books. Teaching lessons, using aids, showing charts, photographs of authors etc., preparing the question banks in each topic for effective learning.

Result analysis:

S.No. Academic Year Ist Year 2nd Year
Students Appeared Passed Pass Percentage Students Appeared Passed Pass Percentage
1 2013-2014 17 16 94% 15 15 100%
2 2014-2015 15 15 100% 17 16 94%
3 2015-2016 17 17 100% 15 15 100%
4 2016-2017 20 20 100% 15 15 100%
5 2017-2018 7 7 100% 18 18 100%
Information about passed out students:
Sl.No. Name of the Student Place of working and Designation
1 J. Prasanna Singh Sr. Translator, University of Hyderabad
2 J.Usha Rani Lecturer in Hindi, TRR GDC, Kandukur
3 CH.Hari Babu Lecturer in Hindi, KRK GDC, Addanki
4 K.Srikrishna Contract faculty, Dept. Hindi, ANU
5 D. Sravan Kumar Hindi Pandit, Z.P.High School, Sankhavarappadu
6 D. Saptachala Sharma Hindi Pandit, Z.P.High School, Bommanampadu
7 Subbarao Jr. Assistant, S.T.O office, Addanki
8 R. Narasimha Rao Asst. Manager, SBI
9 Khanne Asst. Manager, SBI

Best Practices:

  • Donating fruits and biscuits to poor children.
  • Donating blankets to Riksha ..     etc., social service purspect inculcatin to students compulsion and responsibility towards society.

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