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The Department of Mathematics was established in the academic year 2000-2001 with physics and chemistry as allied combinations. Later Restructured course was started with group combinations of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science in 2001-2002. Later the combination Mathematics, Physics and Computer science was sanctioned in the academic year 2001-2002. The medium of instruction for Mathematics, Physics and chemistry combination is Telugu, while Mathematics, Physics and Computer science combination is in English.

Combinations at undergraduate level:

Combination Sanctioned Strength
B.Sc.(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) 30
B.Sc.(Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science) 30

Teaching Staff:

Sl.NO. NAME DESIGNATION & Subject Qualification  Profile 
1 Sri. D. Kondaiah Sarma Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc.
2 Dr.Suresh Kumar Chintalapudi Lecturer in Mathematics M.Sc, B.Ed, SET, Ph.D


The department of mathematics is following the common core syllabus in vogue in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This department strictly follows the curriculum designed by the affiliating university Viz. Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Sl.No. Programme Semester Paper Title of the Course Syllabus Previous Question Papers
1 1st B.Sc. I I Differential Equations
2 II II Solid Geometry
3 2nd B.Sc. III III Abstract Algebra
4 IV IV Real Analysis
5 3rd B.Sc. V V Ring Theory and Vector Calculus
6 VI Linear Algebra
Electives: (any one)
7 3rd B.Sc. VI VII-(A) Laplace Transforms
8 VII-(B) Numerical Analysis
9 VII-(C) Number Theory
Cluster Electives
10 3rd B.Sc. VI VIII-A-1 Integral Transforms
11 VIII-A-2 Advanced Numerical Analysis
12 VIII-A-3 Project work
10 3rd B.Sc. VI VIII-B-1 Graph Theory
11 VIII-B-2 Applied Graph Theory
12 VIII-B-3 Project work

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