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Academic Council


        KRK Government Degree College, is an affiliated college located on the outskirts of a small town Addanki. It was a dream of people, social activists and the leaders of this region to serve the rural students of in and around the town with quality and free higher education. All their common belief isonly education can give sustainable livelihoods to the down trodden people and catalyze the development of the rural society. Globalization is going up by leaps and bounds and causing the mushroom growth of private organizations, which evidently hinders the aim of the college that is giving quality education to the poor students. To check the unhealthy competition and to be the best choice of higher education, college has been striving hard to assimilate and execute the new updates of the education system. To reach its goals and objectives college has an intact staff and academic council with the principal at helm and all the heads of the departments as members.The functionality of the council is over seen by the IQAC coordinator of the college.  College strictly adheres to the guidelines and instructions of higher up academic administrative organizations such as Acharya Nagarjuna University under which college is affiliated and Andhra Pradesh state higher education council (APSCHE) and APCCE to upgrade the college. In the context of sudden eruption of local needs the council and CPDC come together to make immediate resolutions for smooth conduct of academic activities strictly abiding by the rules of head organizations.

      Principal convenes staff meetingssoon after receiving the guidelines from the authoritiesor on the demand of college routine needs to discuss and make resolutions keeping college geography, student comforts, advices of faculty and parents and vision-mission of the college in the view.In a word staff and academic council is a college level body works firmly for making and implementing the academic quality inputs to make the organization a perfect epitome of quality education. The staff and academic council circulars and resolutions of consequent five years i.e 2017-2022 have been placed for reference.