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Maintenance Infrastructure

Maintenance Infrastructure :

 Brief details of infrastructure facilities are given below 
 1.Playground with an indoor sports complex 
 2.Number of classrooms -20 
 3.Number of digital classrooms -3
 4.Number of laboratories -6
 5.JKC- 1
 6.Skill development -1
 7.Virtual classroom -1
 8.Library – 1 
 9.Number of books in Library -18185
 10.IQAC room with highly configurated system -1
 11.Seminar hall -01 
 12.Ladies waiting hall -1 
 13.Gymnasium -01
 14.Women empowerment cell-01
 15.Carrier guidance cell -01
 16.Examination section -01
 17.Printers and scanners in the office – 05
 18.Xerox machine-01
 19.RO water plant -01 
 20.Internet and Wi-Fi campus 
 21.Parking stand -01 
 22.Separate restrooms for boys and girls,
 23. Cultural /sports and games /yoga center
 24.Outdoor facilities
 25.Cricket playground 
 26.Badminton court
 27.Volleyball court
 29.High jump –Long jump pits
 30.Pole valet
 31.Discuss throw 
 32.Short put 
 33.Javelin throw 
 34.Indoor game